Monday, April 25, 2011

TPS Backup 2 - Free Backup Software Released

TPS Backup 2 is now out!

Lots of fixes and changes in this version.

Download Here...


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Yet another Facebook worm going around!

Another Facebook worm has been found floating around the Facebook community. The worm propagates through Facebook Instant Messenger. The worm sends an instant message with that says "Is this you" along with a link to the malicious Facebook App. The link takes you...
to a site which will ask you for your Facebook username and password in order for you to view the locked content. Here is a screenshot of that "FAKE" login page:

Many people have already been a victim to this worm. Make sure when you login to Facebook, you never click a link that is sent to you, especially when it ask for your username and password.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Infecting myself with a basic undetectable trojan virus & manually removing it

In this video I infect myself with a basic trojan virus, show some of its features and then show how to manually remove it.

 This trojan is NOT public.  Watch it in HD!


MPX Backup v1.0 Released - FREE no install backup program

MPX Backup v1.0 has been released.
This tool requires no installation and is great for backing up to a flash drive.  It is very basic and does not need much user input, just place the program
where you want your backup stored and run the program and select what you want, it will do the rest. Give it a try, its FREE!!!

Download Now


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Email Spreading Worm 10-9-2010 to.php BE VERY CAREFUL

There is a bad worm going around right now.  Once you are infected with it, it will grab all of your contacts and send them an email with a link inside to an infected web server with a php exploit. This link, from what I have seen, has always been to a page called "to.php" on a random web server.

Example Email:
Best regards, ali*********

Remember, never click on random websites whether you know who it is from or not.  If you do not know the address, do not go to it.  Best advise I can give.